Twin River Paddle Trails

It is said that great things are worth waiting for.  For years, many of the counties surrounding Craven County have been advertising and supporting their paddle trails.  Now, I would like to introduce paddlers to the Twin Rivers Paddle Trails.  What makes these trails unique? Why do I consider this to be a destination site?  Explore these trails and decide for yourself.  You'll find black-water streams, cypress swamps, flowing creeks, expansive rivers and scenic saltwater bays and sounds. Whatever season you choose to paddle, the Twin Rivers Paddle Trails offer: secluded estuaries yet populated city frontage, diversion yet comfort, excitement yet relaxation, starkness yet beauty and usually at the same time. The Twin Rivers Area is all of this and can offer more the 250 miles of mapped trails and 30 launch sites throughout the county to choose from.
The author has assembled twenty-five paddle trips, starting with the Neuse River as it enters Craven County in the northwest corner and ending in the southeast corner of the county as the Neuse empties into Pamlico Sound. As you continue to read through this introduction, please keep in mind, the intent of each of the trip guides is to share information and improve your knowledge and understanding  of the area, hopefully, increasing your enjoyment of paddling and perhaps make for a safer trip.
As you review the information presented for each paddle trip, you will find a simple map, detailed with a heavy bordered line depicting the trip route. Along the route, "stick-pin" mile markers show the progressive distance of each paddle trip. Important landmarks or tributaries are noted with "flag" markers.  All put-in and take-outs are located by GPS coordinates.  Each paddle trip is described by the following; overall trip distance, highlights, difficulty ratings and hazards.  The second page for each trip provides: driving directions to the put-in and take-outs and a brief summary of the trip. Lastly, important features along the trail are highlighted with mile location comments. Attempts are made with some trails to point out optional routes that may be of interest to paddle. The suggested paddle routes shown are not intended to be absolutely definitive, conditions such as wind current, temperature and available paddle time determine final route selection.
These trail guides are not intended for use as a navigational map for the Neuse and Trent Rivers or their tributaries.  The originator of these paddle trail guides assume no liability for any injury or damage of any type whatsoever incurred due to their use.  Every attempt has been made to insure accuracy however some portions may not be shown to scale nor identify all landmarks and hazards. Use of USGS maps for the area of exploration is highly recommended.  Paddling is an inherently dangerous sport, paddlers should know their limitations, use common sense and take precautions and care to avoid accidents or injuries.
How to Use
Upon selecting a paddle trail, print the two pages, front and back on a single sheet of paper.  Three methods of waterproofing can be considered; Available on line and in larger sporting shops is a rather pricey waterproof paper on which you may copy directly. A second choice is to purchase a spray-can of Thompson Water Seal.  Coat both sides and allow about ten minutes drying!   Lastly, Staples does a great job laminating the selected route for a durable "take-with" guide.
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